Michael Prophet
w/Roland Burrell & Roots Covenant @ Music Box

Teddy Brown

Teddy Brown, one of Jamaica’s finest singers, says, singing was always his passion. From early school days, he grew up in a musical world singing and playing the piano, with his schoolmates like Dean Frazier, Ranking Joe and Earl 16. Crowd pleasing, at school concerts and winning talent shows was Teddy’s specialty. He was further inspired by, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Alton Ellis, Heptones and his friend and mentor Dennis Brown. People always ask Teddy if he’s related to Dennis because of his last name, and the similar soulful sound of his mellow, but powerful voice. Growing up in a musical community he practiced daily with friends Super Cat, Winston McKnuff, and Michael Rose. His spectacular performances at Club Bohemia, in Kingston, pushed him the fore-front of the Jamaican musical scene, and in the early 80’s, he captured crowds at dances, singing on popular sound systems like Youthman Promotions, Metro Media, Kilamanjaro and Stone Love trilling audiences at stage shows, all over Jamaica.